How much is this going to cost?
In Short: It is currently free. (apart from the ads)

Longer: We are hoping to provide this service to the locksmiths for free. Currently the initial development and first year's running costs have been covered by a donation. We are planning to cover future development and maintenance by placing adverts on the site. So if you know of a good hardware supplier, point them in our direction.
What hardware can MK Calc create a Master Key System for?
MK Calc will generate Master Key Systems for most in-line and Small Form Interchangeable Core locks.
Current Pre-set hardware configurations include Schlage 6 pin, Sargent, Best and others.
You can also define your own locking systems by setting the Chamber Count, Depth Progression, MACS and other parameters.
What about my privacy?
We take your privacy very seriously, so to that end:
  • We will only store information we absolutely need to provide this service.
  • We will delete any information that is no longer required.
  • We will not give your information to anyone, unless forced to do so by New Zealand law.

The longer more detailed version...

We will take all reasonable steps to protect your privacy, if you would like to know what you can do to protect yourself, take a look at our section on setting up your web browser.

What is the "Storage Quota"?
MK Calc provides some temporary storage for the master key systems you create.
This allows you to add client information and assign keys.
To avoid running out of storage, you will need to download and delete systems you are no longer busy with.
The amount of space will change from time to time, but it is currently 10Mb.
How do I save my master key systems to hard drive?
On the "Systems" page select the Master Key System you want to down load.
Once the system has been opened, press the export button on the right of the page.
The next web page will provide you with the formats you can download the system in.
It is highly recommended that you download a copy of the system in .CSV and .MKCalc formats.
Can I use this service if I don't have an internet connection?
No, this is a web based application and requires that you have an internet connection to communicate with the web server.
If you need to create Master Key Systems off line, then you should consider using a product like MK Express
My question is not here! What now?
Send your question to, we are always happy to hear from you!